A New Kind of Currency


Sometimes I seriously lack the motivation to workout. There I said it, I’m human too!

I love a good workout and the way I feel afterwards so much so  that sometimes I go a little crazy and do a bunch all at once and feel amazing! Other times I’m laying in bed thinking so loud the only way to drown out the freight train in my head is to distract the conductor and hop on a more rigorous track. But sometimes, for days on end, I can’t seem to convince myself to buy a ticket, let alone walk out of the station onto that platform and board the train.

I need a motivator. Something that works just for me, we all have something that will push us whether it be a new tattoo when we reach our goal weight, awesome new gear for finishing a program or a new pair of kicks for staying consistent and racking up the miles.

My struggle is consistency, too many excuses for not making it to the ticket counter. My end to all the missed cab rides, traffic jams and getting lost in the terminal?

Funding a dream trip.

It’s pretty high up on my bucket list to visit New Orleans, even higher to see the Saints play in the Superdome. So what better way to have a multipurpose journey than to combine the two?

I don’t want lighter luggage, I want it to be stronger and more durable. Every time I leave the station and hop on that rigorous track, I’ll be paying the conductor by adding a dollar to my NOLA 2016 JAR.

wpid-photogrid_1406301946648.jpgBecause sometimes the conductor needs a little push to get the wheels moving on the track. After all, you’ll never reach your destination if you can’t leave the station you’re at.

There is no telling how far you will go chasing a dream. But can you imagine how great it will feel when you get there.

3 thoughts on “A New Kind of Currency

  1. Oh man,

    There are others like me! Hahah

    Consistency was also my problem so I decided to get a workout buddy. He’s a former football player so he pushes me like I’m one of his former teammates.

    Honestly, some days, I don’t like him very much, and I tell him.

    Still, I know that I’ll appreciate him when I get to my goal [physique] so that motivates me to keep pushing forward.

    I think your solution is AWESOME. That is a great motivational push. Nice designer jar, by the way. 🙂


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  2. Haha that’s great :). For me it’s a simple question I play inside my head…

    “If not now then when?” N when that fails I have a whiteboard of all my goals, What I need to achieve them, and the reasons why. It’s right next to my bed, and well let’s say that I hate feeling like I’m lying to myself when I write up a plan, and fail to do anything about it.

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