Why “Unobscured”?

For many of us the lack of exercise and healthy nutrition has lead us to be uncomfortable in our own skin; add on the complication of health issues and it puts us in this dark place where we want to hide under a rock, at least that’s how it was for me.
The concept of “Spreading Your Light” really speaks to my heart because I found myself hiding, I was frustrated and lost and felt myself falling deeper into a hole everyday, that is until I found a beacon of light that helped me climb my way out of that hole.
Changing my health and fitness has helped me shine on through all the things that used to dull my personality and appreciation fo life, now I can enjoy life’s simple pleasures and find the joy in even the hard times completely ‘unobscured.’
I want nothing more than to toss the climbing gear to other people who are stuck in the bottom of that hole. I want to shine the light that will allow them to climb out of that hole and be able to live their life ‘unobscured.’
I love the person I am becoming because I’ve had to work hard to be where I am. This pride and self-confidence is too wonderful not to share and honestly my life isn’t always so ‘unobscured’, I’m the kind of girl who needs to write out what I’m feeling or thinking I’ve kept journals and done tidbits of tips for cooking, crafts and random funnies on various platforms. I’ve decided to compile them all here for your reading pleasure, thanks for stopping by y’all.

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