WARNING: Extra Motivation Required



That’s right I said it, extra motivation required. I’m human. Even though I know how beneficial a good workout is, the endorphins that make you happy (happy people don’t shoot their husbands [or coworkers];)), the energy to power through the day, the stress relief and of course feeling less guilty about the Chinese food (hey being honest here)…sometimes all that still isn’t enough for me to stay goodbye to my bed at 5am or have to wash my hair, again (have I mentioned how much I hate that?)
What’s a girl to do?
Well this Irish/European skin desperately needs sun….and I enjoy a good book in the sunshine.
*Queue an added more tangible reward.*
So everyday I get my sweat on, I can get my tan on too. (Bug spray required, this is the Lowcountry)

How do you motivate/reward yourself?
If you dont have a way, What are things you like to do?
Let’s come up with something that works for you!

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