Is it really that life changing?



When I committed to coming on this trip, to making this happen no matter what;
I had NO IDEA the change that would happen here.

I had no idea I would be witness to so many inspiring stories, that I would cry so much, that I would sweat so much, that I would walk away with a heart so full, that I would meet friends I’ll love for a lifetime, that I’d hear such great stories that truly touch my heart, that I would walk so much, sleep so little, laugh so hard and leave here so FIRED up to chase my dreams.

I’ve heard so many people say that THIS EVENT was their game changer, and honestly I thought they were just saying it.
I wasn’t a believer.
But after being here this week I can finally see what they were talking about, but more importantly I can FEEL it.
I can feel the CHANGE and see the VISION.
And I KNOW that from this moment on I can (and will) be a little braver, do a little more and truly live life by my design. 💗

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