Finding My brave


So I’m a chicken.
Like 100% love and follow all these rock star peeps but would be FAAAAAR to afraid to talk to them let alone do anything about getting pictures with them, well my ‘momma coach’ yelled at me when I told her I needed her here to be my ‘brave’ because she makes me feel invincible. I was battling some social anxiety and feeling really overwhelmed, I told her I can’t do this without her.
After a firm talking to and an order to go make this trip something I am proud of with NO REGRETS, we happened to be walking next to this rock star….well I swallowed my nerves, (and my “OhMYGosh that’s Coach Caleb” giddyness) and asked if I could bother him for a picture. He said yes; and flint to fire and I found my brave.
Turns out it was in me all along.